Decideret Cider

Wild Cider Specialists

Three young Danish guys are behind Decideret Cider: Jakob, Cornelius and Martin. They gather delicious apples from the best orchards and private gardens across Denmark to create original, refreshing Cider Pét-Nats. Nothing added, no additives, no sulphites, no CO2, just pure fermented apple juice. If you’ve ever wondered what natural Cider Pét-Nat really tastes like, grab a bottle and try it, you will be pleasantly surprised how close it comes to wine in texture and flavour.


Everything started in 2015, when the two friends Jakob and Cornelius, driven by curiosity, decided to make their own natural cider. Naturally, every process requires the first step: looking for good, local apples! Next came the exciting journey of learning how to turn those beautiful apples (and other fruit) into cider. And exciting it was! The two friends spent the next four years honing their fermenting skills and finally, nothing short of cider making masters, they turned their hobby and passion into a cool business.



Reducing food waste (in this case apples) is part of their philosophy, which they achieve by collecting the fruit from private gardens which often go to waste due to the sheer abundance of apple trees in Denmark. The orchards are pre-selected for their quality, taste and sustainability, often they come from private families where the owners grow their fruit without chemicals and pesticides. Seeing their ecological vision through from beginning to end, the young environmentally conscious entrepreneurs deliver their ciders in their hometown Copenhagen by electric cargo bike.



Northern France and Northern Spain are renowned for their century long tradition of producing wild ciders. Denmark grows a great amount of apples, however few people ever thought of producing a good natural cider, until now! All the Decideret ciders are refermented in the bottle without any addition of CO2 or sulphur. Some have aged in oak and some have had a long maceration on the mash. The whole procedure recalls the natural wine production, like Pét-Nats and orange wines, just a different fruit is used. Not only apples are involved in their production, you’ll also find a pear cider (WHO THE FUCK PEARS) and a cider made from green apples and plums (PLUMBASTIK). The plums donate a strong volatile acidity to the cider, definitely to be accompanied with food.

All these delicious wild ciders are fresh, fruity, dry and complex sparkling drinks that pair perfectly with seafood, fish and much more.

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