BBQ Party- Set Package of 6 BBQ Wines


The BBQ Party package is a box of 6 natural wines that we personally like to drink during BBQ parties with friends. You’ll receive the following wines:
Spontan from Decideret (refreshing apple cider pet Nat, a great way to get the party started);
Grüner Veltliner Löss from Hager Matthias (balanced, aromatic and smoky white, amazing with salads and grilled fish);
Orbis Weiss from Fidesser (fruity white with peach and banana aromas, great with veggies);
Keramos Orange from Kamara Winery (wild, earthy and herbal orange, perfect match with grilled meats);
46 Cepas from Alfredo Maestro (fruity, and balanced red with blackberry and coconut aromas, works with every grilled options as the level of tannins is not high);
Sado Merlot from Jouves&Kaczmarek (bright and juicy red, nice with veggies and meats).

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