D612 Specialty Coffee Roasters – Gitesi #1 – Rwanda


Variety: Red Bourbon
Producer: Aime Gahizi
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1800 masl
Location: Gitesi, Karongi
Tastin notes: sweet, clean, vanilla, honey
Roasted in Florence

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This family-run washing station in Rwanda not only produces amazing coffees with incredible consistency but gives also work to people around them, processing coffee from 1800 farmers over about 64 hectors of coffee trees privately owned and processed at the station.
This coffee is a washed Bourbon from Gitesi, this specific lot from the current harvest has a lot more sweetness than the one of the last year. Expect notes of vanilla, tropical fruit, hops and honey together with a light body and a floral finish.

Extra Info:

Occasionally it can happen that when you open a bag of this coffee that it smells like potatoes. This is known as the potato taste defect(PTD). PTD can occur in coffees from Western Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
It is not that common. Maybe one in 50 bags can smell like this. The good news is that not the whole bag is affected, just one or two beans which give this strong smell. So whenever you grind a batch smell it. If it smells like potatoes you know that you found this bean :-). PTD is perfectly safe to consume.
For more Infos, here is a video on the topic 🙂