D612 Specialty Coffee Roasters – Ilomba – Tanzania


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Variety: Kent
Producer: Several small holdersProcess: Washed
Altitude: 1800 masl
Location: Mbozi, songwe
Tastin notes: cocoa, tomato, artichoke, blackberry
Roasted in Florence

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This coffee offer you a beautifully clean and juicy cup from the Ilomba washing station in Tanzania. This washing station is located near the Songwe river from which it takes all the water used to process their coffees. These are handpicked between the end of May and early July and are then taken to the Ilomba washing station for sorting and processing. The sorting takes place in several steps to make sure only the ripest cherries and eventually the densest and highest quality beans are selected and bagged up for shipping. We were immediately struck by the cleanliness and complexity of this lot which resembles incredibly the one of wine. Herbaceous notes layer themselves in a harmonic way with blackberries and currants backed up by clean acidity. Not only this coffee tastes great but it is also a perfect example of a high-quality product which promotes positive changes on its territory, through the formation of a farmers’ coop around the washing mill more and more farmers in the region are producing high-quality cherries and receiving higher salaries outside market dynamics as well as developing a larger sense of community which was once lost.