D612 Specialty Coffee Roasters – Semeon Abay Ethopia – For Filter Coffee 250gr


For Filter
Variety: Heirloom
Producer: Semeon Abey
Process: Bag fermentation/ Natural
Altitude: 2000 masl
location: Aferara, Guji
Tasting note: tropical fruits, floral and strawberry
Roasted in Florence

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The cherries come from high altitudes, around 2000 masl, and they are floated and hand-sorted before fermentation. The cherries are then stuffed into polypropylene bags which are stacked in piles of two. Every 12 hours, for five days, the coffees gets rotated, so the bag on the bottom becomes the bag on the top. By restricting the air circulating the cherries, which increases the development of lactic bacteria, resulting in intense, fruity, and sweet coffees.
After five days the cherries are removed from the bags and are spread in thin layers on the drying beds to stop the fermentation process. The average drying time is 15-20 days.
The coffee produced this way at the Adola Washing Station does not look pretty, but it tastes great. Rather than handpick the coffee to remove all the less-than-gorgeous beans, we leave them in because they give a different dimension to the coffee.