F*ck 2020 – Set Package of 6 wines – Drink to the end of a crappy year

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The ‘F*ck 2020‘ Set Package is a selection of six amazing festive wines, perfect to celebrate the end of a crappy year.   It includes a Rosé Pet Nat, a cider, an orange wine, a white and two powerful reds all with craziness level 2.
You’ll receive the following wines:

Metamorphika Ancestral Rosé from Costador_ Mineral and fruity Pet Nat with strawberry, cherry & rosemary aromas;
Who the fuck pears  from Decideret Ciders_ Dry, fresh and crisp cider made from apples and pears;
Fumé Blanc Numen from J.Zillinger_ Elegant, deep, spicy and mineral white with elderflower notes;
Consuelo from Alfredo Maestro_ Aromatic and complex orange wine with aromas of apricot, pear & sage;
La Malena from Pacina_ Powerful, deep & earthy red with a slight barnyard nose and aromas of cherry and leather;
Ottomarzo from Tenute Dettori _ Tannic, elegant, powerful red with cinammon and plums notes.