Summer Bliss – Set Package of 6 Summery Wines


The Summer Bliss is a selection of six wines we believe are perfect for summer. You’ll receive the following wines:
Bum Bum Cha from Nestarec _ funky, fresh mineral rosé Pet Nat;
È! Bianco from Poderi Cellario_ 1 litre of fresh, light & fruity white, lemon and mint notes;
Alpine Herbs White from Hochdeutsch _ floral & herbal botanical drink;
Orange de Noir from Costador _ light rosé with refreshing acidity, smoky minerality and a hint of smokiness;
Touch from Koppitsch_ aromatic, light orange with multivitamin juice notes, exotic aromas;
Superglitzer from Renner&Rennersistas _ light red with cherry and red currant aromas.

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