An Urban family winery!

The 2 Naturkinder are Michael and Melanie, two former travellers now full-time natural wine makers in Franken, Bavarian Germany. Their goal is to make authentic and individual wines, wines that express naturally without human intervention. The wines are flavourful, with great character and complexity, often herbal and aromatic. You’ll notice a bunch of animals on their labels, their love for local wild life is admirable, local bats are protected as a matter of fact.

Urban winery

After spending many years of travelling, living in different cities and working in other fields, Michael and Melanie decided to move back to Bavaria where Michael’s father was running his winery to join the family in the wine business. While working with the father, the couple had a different idea in mind, both passionate about natural wines and the philosophy behind it, they wanted to convert some conventional plots into organic and create a new line of products. This side project slowly took over the whole production becoming everything they always wanted: low intervention wines, organic and biodynamically farmed and zero additives in the cellar.
The 7 hectares winery is located in Kitzingen, the centre of Franconia’s wine production.

Dedication to nature

The beautiful labels honour the abundant local wild life with a special attention to bats. The rare grey long-eared bat lives in a cottage right in the vineyards and it has become very important for the ecosystem. They feast on the local moths (also present in one of the labels, the Weinschwärmer) and then produce guano which is used to fertilise the vines. Part of the earnings on every sold bottle help the preservation of this beautiful species.


All organic certified or in process to get the certification, no additives, no fining, no filtration and no added sulfites (apart from the Vater & Sohn – however only a small addition of just 5mg/l).
They produce a wide selection of different wines but all in small quantities, from white to orange, from pet-nats to rosé and couple of reds too. Mainly indigenous grape varieties like Bacchus, Müller-Thurgau, Silvaner, Regent (for the red Kleiner Wanderlust) and Domina (for the rosé Black Betty). Some of the wines have a wild aroma in the nose, a feature often found in natural wines when bottled without addition of SO2. Amazing herbal flavours, woodruff in easily perceived otherwise exotic notes, floral too and lovely minerality.