Julie & Christoph Hoch

Austrias answer to Champagne

Christoph and Julie Hoch are masters in sparkling wines. They capture the minerality of the soil with unequaled expertise. The Kalkspitz is a light and refreshing Pet Nat, whereas the Kalkreich can easily compete with great vintage champagnes. Julie’s approach is creative and bold. She makes amazing Pet Nats with grape juice and herbal teas. These refreshing Pet Nats are a perfect aperitif – light in alcohol and bonedry.

A long tradition in winemaking

“I want to evoke emotions with the methods of the past and the knowledge of today.
The Christoph Hoch winery is located in the Kremstal (Krems Valley) in Lower Austria, in the village of Hollenburg. The Hoch family’s history can be traced back to the 17th century. In the these early days the Hochs made a living navigating ships on the Danube as well as agriculture.
Christoph Hoch took over the winery in 2013 backed by the experience of all these centuries behind him. Wanting to follow the traditional methods of his ancestors he chose bio-dynamic viticulture to work his vineyards (DEMETER certified).
“I want to apply the old traditional methods to coax the maximum out of the terroir for my wines.”


Christoph aims to express the characteristics of his homeland: the highly calcareous and alkaline soil made up mostly of conglomerate rock. Pannionian climate mixes with the winds from the Atlantic, a perfect combination for cultivating Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.
“The main goal is to achieve the highest possible complexity in the wines.”
The Grüner Veltliner, an indigenous Austrian grape variety, has risen to fame across the globe. It doesn’t require a particularly warm climate, but it does need lots of rain. That’s why the Austrian soil and climate is so perfect for this grape. The wines can be crisp and refreshing, or peppery and aromatic. Christoph’s Hollenburger Grüner Veltliner unites all of these characteristics in an utmost elegant result.

Christoph Hoch wines

The intense Hollenburger Riesling grows on calcareous soil and is fermented in used oak barrels. Expect some salty fruitiness – yes, both at the same time!
In addition to the white wines, Christoph also has some remarkable sparkling wines in his repertoire. A first edition was released in 2017, and since then they have become extremely popular in the natural wine world. The Kalkspitz, the Kalkreich and the Rosé Rurale, which we’re proud to present in our selection, are made with the most traditional, ancestral methods. They are not degorged, the wine ferments in the bottle and remains beautifully cloudy. All three are truly extraordinary, please don’t make us pick a favorite,  just try them all in a row and provide your taste buds with a new and beautiful experience!