Michael Gindl

Natural wines – back on the horse

Michael is super passionate about biodynamic farming and his wines are full of soul. In the vineyard, he has a lot of help from his sheep, horses, and Bessi (his cow). He shows his commitment to his beloved animal on his natural wine labels. You might recognize his buzzard labels – Buteo. Very complex and minerality driven white wines. His wines are also known as mg vom sol.

Long history

Michael Gindl is a young natural winemaker from the Weinviertel in Lower Austria. Vineyards have been documented since the 14th century in the area and Michael’s own family has also been making wine amongst other agricultural activities for decades.

Michael takes over

Gindl was already enrolled in his agricultural studies when he was managing the vinery of his grandparents. It was around 2004 when he realized, he would like to proceed with the methods of the old world. Leaving more time for the wine in the cellar and low-intervention was already what his grandfather believed in.

Demeter certified

The Gindl wines are Demeter certified and Michael cultivates his vineyards according to biodynamic principles. The farm is now cohabited by a good number of animals like highland cattle, horses, and pigs. The Breton dwarf sheep are common on biodynamic vineyards, as they are small enough to graze between the vines.

What happens in the cellar and vineyard

Michael is trying to preserve as much authenticity in the cellar as out on the vineyards. The grapes are harvested by hand, are pressed very gently and fermented spontaneously. Like many other natural winemakers, he doesn’t believe in temperature control either. He’s trying to use more wooden barrels and avoid steel tanks. Fun fact is that the acacia and oak barrels are made of wood from Michael’s own forest.
The Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Weissburgunder, Zweigelt, and Cabernet Sauvignon grow on mostly loam, loess, and sandstone soil. Michael has preserved some old vines aged around 45 years. His mature white wine, “Sol” – the name comes from the 14th-century name of the oldest vineyard in Hohenruppersdorf – is a Grüner Veltliner, Pinot Gris cuvée hand-picked from this parcel.

The unique, horse labeled Weissburgunder and Riesling represent the work done by horses between the vines.

We’re happy to be able to introduce you to yet a brilliant Austrian natural winemaker!


Michael Gindl’s webpage