Collectif Anonyme / Phase 2

Punk Garage Winery!

Phase 2 is a new venture of a winemaker and a wine taster after what was called Collectif Anonyme. The small winery is located in Banyuls in the South of France producing mostly Grenache Noir, a powerful line of red wines. The artisanal, organic vineyard is one-of-a-kind, focusing on the wine itself, rather unveiling the people behind. Each bottle is unique, and as there are only a few hundred of them out there – rather speed up with stocking up!

The Project

Phase 2 has evolved from what was called Collectif Anonyme for years before. The two guys behind the project still prefer to keep their anonymity. One is a winemaker, the other a wine taster. The only important thing is, as they say: ‘the wine will speak for itself’. 


Challenges – Located on the terroirs of Banyuls Sur Mer, in the Roussillon region of southern France, they work mostly with old vines, Grenache Noir (apart from a bit of Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris, Carignan, Mourvedre, and Syrah) growing on breathtaking terraces and rock walls overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. As many other winemakers in the region, they took over some old abandoned vineyards and restored the forgotten lands. Conserving old vines, however, often offers the possibility of starting with organic or even biodynamic farming from day one.

It all might sound utterly romantic, climate change is unfortunately upon all winemakers. The guys have therefore chosen North-facing vineyards and doing their best to get the most out if the region’s microclimate. Groundwater is fairly limited, winters are cold and the mountains shield from the sun. All these factors allow the grapes to mature slowly – producing quite powerful, balanced results!


Winemaking by Phase 2 happens completely by hand. Or by bike for that matter. They converted a destemming machine for the fun of it and saving effort! They are proud of not using any kinds of chemicals or CO2 in the cellar, with the exception of small amounts of natural sulphites and only when it comes to certain red cuvées in order to preserve stability.

Phase 2 is an artisanal venture where they not only treat winemaking as art but also their appearance. Each bottle is handmade, are either carefully sprayed or labels are printed one by one and waxed on top. Collectors’ pieces, also in terms of the number of bottles produced. Be fast, get your hands on them now!