Collectif Anonyme / Phase 2 – Punk Garage Winery

If you do not know the lovely people behind these funky, crazy delicious wines it is because they do not show themselves to you, they do not promote themselves, they do not show their faces in magazines or websites. As they say: ‘the wine will speak for it selves’. It is a group of people that in their non-profit enterprise make the wines together. There will not be that one person who takes all the credit for producing the wine as every single person working there is equally important.

The production is very small and the technology they are using is basically none, the pressing of the grapes is done with old methods, with feet or with an old manual press, a literally handmade wine. Obviously neither use of pesticide nor herbicide or any other kind of chemicals are allowed in their garden but instead permaculture, biodiversity and biodynamic treatments are helping to grow the vines happy and healthy.