Johannes Zillinger

Natural wines revolutionist

Johannes Zillinger is a firm believer of organic living as whole. His family has been mastering the organic-biodynamic winemaking for the last 30 years in the idyllic Weinviertel in Lower Austria. Get familiar with the solera system, intracellular fermentation, amphora wines: terms and methods Johannes loves to experiment with. The result is naturally (!) some revolutionary wines.


Long history in organic farming

Johannes Zillinger and his family have been living according to organic principles in the last 30 years. Chemicals are simply do not play a part when it comes to the environment, nutrition, and – in particular – wine.

Johannes believes that winemaking starts with healthy soil; and “remarkable and exciting wines” are made with no boundaries set. The last 30 years have been a wonderful learning curve for the family and experimenting has not stopped ever since.

The Zillinger vineyards are certified Demeter and are treated according to bio-dynamic principles.

“I do not force corsets on my wines.”

3 different wine styles

We are proud to have three different lines of wines from Johannes: the Reflexion, Revolution and the Numen.

The Reflexion series

represents and reflects the soil, variety, location, orientation, and vintage. These wines are the heart of the Zillinger winery, locations where both his father and grandfather belonged. From Grüner Veltliner to Zweigelt, perfectly reflecting the old vineyards’ origins and the winemaker himself.

“Viva la Revolution!”

This unique series consists of a white, rosé and a red solera. Johannes uses this line for experimentations: with solera systems, short time fermentations, vintage blends, you name it… “All allowed, nothing forbidden”, says Zillinger, clearly having fun with creating natural juices one of a kind!

The Numen series

We’ve finally arrived at the last and most precious series, the Numen. Wines without hardly any intervention in the cellar. The Fumé blanc (Sauvignon blanc, Alternative Wine of the Year 2020 by Gault&Millau), Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Muskateller and Rosé: specially selected from his oldest vines and the ripest grapes, intracellular fermentation (where fermentation starts within the grape) in amphoras and matured without intervention for  up to 16 months. The philosophy here is that these wines have been made according to metaphysical principles that humans simply cannot influence. The grapes have been given enough time to develop their entire potential.

Therefore, every vintage is different, so you just have to open each bottle one by one!

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