Alex + Maria Koppitsch – Natural wines made with Love!

“We craft natural wine with joy, complexity, honesty and soul.” Alex and Maria Koppitsch had one clear vision when they took over the vineyard from their family: low intervention winemaking. Alexander is extremely passionate about natural, handcrafted wines, his family’s tradition in the past 500 years! He takes care of the 15 acre-land by himself, ensuring honest, soulful products. His wines are quite complex thanks to his winemaking style that puts the terroir of the Lake Neusiedl on the Austro-Hungarian border in forefront. Bottling the aromas of the Burgenland soil results in a vibrant sandy, stony experience. They reject artificial additives and don’t believe in temperature control, fining or filtration. What you get is a beautiful, balanced, playful natural juice!