Abbazia San Giorgio

Lustro 2020

Orange WinePowerfulNo Sulfites Added0,75l

Character: Aromatic - Complex - Earthy - Mineral - Powerful

Aromas: Orange - Pear - Mango


Craziness Factors: Cloudy Look - Orange Colour

Italy - Sicily - Pantelleria
  • Catarratto

stainless steel tanks

Abbazia San Giorgio Lustro is a powerful orange Catarratto. It surprises you with amazing aromas in the nose, orange, pear and mango. Lovely minerality and earthiness add to the complex and aromatic style of this lovely wine.

Acidity Level

Tannins Level

Farming, Biodynamic
Certification, No
Sugar, Dry
ABV, 13%
Bottle Closure:, Cork
Sulfites:, Contains Sulfites

Abbazia San Giorgio