Champagne Chavost

Natural Champagne!

In Chavot-Courcourt village, south of Épernay, Chavost Estate is producing traditional Champagne since 1946. Great commitment to sustainability and care for the environment is expressed with their new line of Champagne: sans sulfites ajoutés (no sulfites added). The natural Champagne are made from traditional grape varieties like Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and ChardonnaySpontaneous fermentation with indegenous yeastno sulfites addedno clarificationzero dosage. The fine Champagnes are dry, complex and yeasty, pure elegance in a glass!


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Champagne Chavost Blanc d'Assemblage bottle
Champagne chavost Blanc d'Assemblage back label
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champagne Chavost Coteaux Champegnoise bottle
Champagne Chavost Coteaux Champegnoise glass
Champagne Chavost
Coteaux Champegnois Millésime 2019
French WineWhite WineElegant & MineralNo Sulfites Added
Champagne chavost Blanc de Chardonnay bottle
Champagne Chavost Blanc de Chardonnay glass
Champagne Chavost
Champagne Blanc de Chardonnay Extra Brut
French WineWhite ChampagneElegant & MineralNo Sulfites Added
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Champagne Chavost Rosé de Saignée bottle
Champagne Chavost Rosée de Saignée back label
Natural Wine Dealers
Champagne Chavost - Rosé de Saignée
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