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Naturally fermented. UnfilteredTrue to its soil. Three characteristics sum up the winery’s philosophyJoiseph stands for everything that forms the three founders’ aim: authentic winemaking. Pruners and rubber boots. That’s their only equipment. The rest remains for nature!


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Joiseph Mischkultur 2021
Joiseph Mischkultur 2021 bottle with glass
Mischkultur Gemischter Satz 2021
Austrian WineWhite WineLight & Fresh
Joiseph - Piroska 2021
Joiseph Piroska 2021 back label
Natural Wine Dealers
Joiseph - Piroska 2021
Sold Out
Fogosch 2021
Joiseph Fogosh 2021 bottle and glass
Fogosch 2021
Austrian WineWhite WineFruity
Rosatant 2021
Joiseph Rosatant 2020 glass
Rosatant 2021
Austrian WineRosé WineMineral
Joiseph Muskat Ottonel 2021 bottle
Joiseph Muskat Ottonel 2021 bottle with glass
Muskat Ottonel Maischevergoren 2021
Austrian WineOrange WineFruity & Aromatic
Joiseph Furmit 2021 bottle front
Joiseph Furmint 2021 bottle and glass
Furmint 2021
Austrian WineWhite WineMineral
Joiseph Neuburger 2021 front bottle
Joiseph Neuburger 2021 bottle and glass
Neuburger 2021
Austrian WineOrange WineMineral
Joiseph BFF 2020 bottle
JOiseph BFF 2020 bottle and glass
BFF 2020
Austrian WineRed WineLight
joiseph tannenberg
Joiseph Tannenberg 2019 bottle and glass
Tannenberg 2019
Austrian Wine Red WineMineral
Joiseph Schieferberg 2018
Joiseph Schieferberg 2018 bottle and glass
Schieferberg 2018
Austrian WineRed WineMineral
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Luka zeichmann Obstperlwein bottle
Luka Zeichmann Obstperlwein 2020 glass
Luka Zeichmann
Obstperlwein Apfel Quitte Birne
Austrian WineCiderLight & Fresh
Luka Zeichmann Schmutziger Weissburgunder 2016
Joiseph Weissburgunder Schmutzinger
Luka Zeichmann
Schmutziger Weißburgunder 2016
Austrian WineOrange WineAromatic

The Trio behind Joiseph

Joiseph was founded and is run by three guys: the viticulturist Richard Artner and Alex Kagl, and winemaker Luka Zeichmann. They manage a 5,5-hectare vineyard in the village of Jois – hence the playful choice of name. The location is just excellent: situated on the Leitha mountain with a wonderful view on the Lake Neusiedl. The vines grow on several different soil types: mainly limestone and shale.

The natural wine beginnings

Natural wine has been going through quite a boom in Burgenland, Austria in the past few years. The Lake Neusiedl and its direct neighbourhood has been attracting winemakers, taking over or reviving old vineyards.
Joiseph is one of the especially lucky ones that have relatively quickly made it to the international natural wine market and has been on the map ever since. Taking the fact that the winery was established in 2015 in its current form, it has basically been no time they’ve become known with their juicy “Roter Faden” or the pink “Rosatant”.
And all of this without a tractor or any other machines, even without a cellar! What they had, in the beginning, was some scissors and rubber boots!

Low intervention winemaking

The Joiseph guys carry out low intervention winemaking in every aspect, from the vineyard to the cellar. Organic farming came naturally and the grapes are harvested by hand.
The result is some spontaneously fermented, unfiltered delicious natural wine. They are all mostly light and refreshing, recommended to chill them before drinking. We have the whole selection on stock!

The guys also have acquired in 2022 a bit of new land and planted some Furmint and Blaunfränkisch. The wines are outstanding!