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Wines with character from characters

At Natural Wine Dealers, we operate an online natural wine shop in Austria. We are specialized exclusively in natural wines from small European producers.

How are we different:

We hold a personal contact with the producer and buy directly from them. Therefore we are able to provide a wide selection of wines from each producer and not just individual labels.
We don’t offer anything we haven’t tasted ourselves! Each product has gone through The Dealer’s Test.


The Dealer’s Test

We are a small business with limited storage capacity. However, we’d like to offer a wide selection of natural wines to our customers. We achieve this through holding a personal contact with each and every producer and therefore being able to provide the majority of their labels. This way you have the chance the choose from almost the entire portfolio and get the big picture. We are of course big fans of widely acknowledged natural wine producers but are also here for showing you something that isn’t floating around on various social channels every day.

For us it’s inevitable to order a tasting package each year from each producer and only offer wines we personally had approved. You’ll find our tasting notes next to most of the vintages available online as well as small tags in our shop – to help you orientate between craziness levels, flavours and other characteristics.
If you still have questions, we are always happy to help and guide you further either online or in person.
About half of our selection is local Austrian, that we are really proud of; and the other half is built up of natural wines from France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany and Hungary. We have recently added the Czech Republic to our portfolio.


What we understand as natural wine

Although, there is no rule or law for what a natural wine is, we share the understanding of the Raw natural wine fair: wines with below 70 mg/litre added sulfites. However, many of our producers choose not to add any sulphites at all. Many winemakers, we work with farm according to bio-dynamic principles, others are organic certified.  All the wines are hand-picked, with no addition of yeast, enzymes or any other substances.

So these wines are still alive and they are constantly changing flavors. Every vintage is different. But still today, after many years of trying natural wines, we still encounter new flavors.


New approach

Natural wines are a different approach to taste and enjoy wines. Wine is not meant to be only for the elite or only who knows every village in Burgundy. Natural wine is culture. It should be fun. It should bring people together. If you choose some wines from our portfolio, you will discover new flavors and make new experiences. If you have already an expectation on how the wine should be then maybe you will be confused or even shocked. Best way to enjoy natural wines is to open your mind and go with the flow. Don’t be afraid of the new!