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Natural wines are organic, biodynamic wines with no chemicals added. All the wines are hand-picked, with no addition of yeast, enzymes or any other substances, allowed is only a tiny amount of sulfites. Some of our producers don’t add any.  So these wines are still alive and they are constantly changing flavors. Every vintage is different. But still today, after many years of trying natural wines, I still encounter new flavors. All our wines are selected, tasted and enjoyed by us. Therefore we choose very carefully our selection.

Natural wines are a new approach to taste and enjoy wines. Wine is not meant to be only enjoyed by the elite or only who knows every village in the Burgundy. Natural wine is culture. It should be fun. It should bring people together. If you choose some wines from our portfolio, you will discover new flavors and make new experiences. If you have already an expectation on how the wine should be then maybe you will be confused or even shocked. Best way to enjoy natural wines is to open your mind and go with the flow. Don’t be afraid of the new!

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