Tenute Dettori

Power and sustainability

Tenute Dettori has been making natural wine in Sardinia for centuries, working exclusively with indigenous local grape varieties: Cannonau, Monica, Pascale, Vermentino and Moscato. Biodynamic practises, no filtration, no fining and almost no sulphites added are part of their sustainable philosophyFertile soilhealthy grapes and warm weather create complex, deep, rich and powerful (some wines reach up to even 16% of alcohol) wines.


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Renosu Bianco NV
Renosu Bianco NV
Tenute Dettori
Renosu Bianco NV
Italian WineWhite WineFruity & Aromatic
Tenute Dettori Renosu Rosso 2021
Tenute Dettori Renosu Rosso 2021 bottle and glass
Tenute Dettori
Renosu Rosso NV
Italian WineRed WineFruity & Aromatic
Tenute Dettori Tuderi
Tenute Dettori Tuderi backlable
Tenute Dettori
Tuderi 2016
Italian WineRed WineRich & PowerfulNo Sulfites Added
tenute dettori chimbanta
tenute dettori chimbanta backlabel
Tenute Dettori
Chimbanta 2018
Italian WineRed WineAromaticNo Sulfites Added
Tenute Dettori Bianco-2020
dettori bianco
Tenute Dettori
Dettori Bianco 2020
Italian WineOrange WinePowerfulNo Sulfites Added
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Tenute Dettori Rosso 2016 bottle
Tenute Dettori Rosso 2016 back label
Tenute Dettori
Dettori Rosso
Italian WineRed WineRich & PowerfulNo Sulfites Added
dettori ottomarzo
tenute dettori ottomarzo backlabel
Tenute Dettori
Ottomarzo 2018
Italian WineRed WineEarthyNo Sulfites Added
Tenute Dettori Tenores 2017 bottle
Tenute Dettori Tenores 2017 back label
Natural Wine Dealers
Tenute Dettori - Tenores 2017
Sold Out
Tenute Dettori Moscadeddu 2020 bottle
Moscadeddu 2020
Tenute Dettori
Moscadeddu 2020
Italian WineSweet WineRich & Powerful

The golden place

Tenute Dettori is located in the northern Sardinian wine region Romangia, being a highly fertile area and rich historically, it is also called the golden place -Logudoro in Sardinian dialect. Not only the lucky vines thrive from the healthy soil but they also have the best dreamy view, overlooking the Gulf of Asinara.

The vineyard has been naturally bio-dynamic basically since time unknown. Fig and olive trees, domestic and wild animals take care of a fertile soil. Even foxes and wild boars are regular visitors! They do not use any chemicals or additives apart from a small amount of sulphur in the Renosu line. There is no filtration or fining carried, either.

It all couldn’t get any more eco-friendly, as they use the lightest bottles possiblerecycled materials for packaging and reduce merchandising to the minimum. “They are not wines that are slaves to business logic and marketing strategies.” It’s pure “squeezed fermented grape juice”.

The philosophy

“The wines are what they have to be and not what you want them to be.” A strong belief that goes against industrial, conventional wine production. The same grape variety coming from different plots can be so different from one another and this is the reason why they decided to not be part of the DOC system. They opted more for the IGT classification which categorised high quality wines only based on location.

Don’t expect to find the Demeter logo on their bottles either, even though they farm biodyamically for centuries, their wines should be chosen for their taste and philosophy and for the certifications.

The wines

The local grapes are harvested by hand, de-stemmed but not crushed and fermented in big cement vats. They do not use barriques to mature their wines they rather rest in small cement tanks until bottling.

The Renosu Bianco and Renosu Rosso are cuvées coming from their younger vines, making these two their fun wines. The red is often juicyrichfruity with berries aroma, low in acidity and tannins, you can enjoy this wine also chilled. The white one is super aromatic, full of amazing flavour, sometimes even floral and the low amount of acidity makes it the best wine to bring to any party.

The Badde Nigolosu line were designed to celebrate and dedicate individual vineyard to one grape variety and one wine. Cannonau (Dettori Rosso, Tenores & Tuderi), Monica (Chimbanta) and Pascale (Ottomarzo) are the red grape varieties. The wines are complexpowerfulrichdeep and their outstanding flavours go from forest fruits to tobacco, from plums to olives, to cinnamon and white pepper and so on.
Their only orange wine, Dettori Bianco, is a Vermentino and it’s mind blowingaromaticpowerful with great balance between acidity and tannins. Last but not least is the sweet Moscadeddu made from Moscato grapes. The crazy orange sweet wine varies from year to year but it is always a pleasure to your senses.

Kent’annos Restaurant

We had one of our best dinner at Kent’annos Restaurant. Tenute Dettori is not only great with wines but also with hospitality, their beautiful restaurant is the place you wanna be, high quality food, awesome natural wines and a view of a breathtaking sunset. Wood fire oven, local meats, fruits and vegetables – you just can’t ask for more. The restaurant is open for lunch, dinner and aperitifs. We highly recommend to visit this place in your next holiday!

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