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BBQ Party- Set Package of 6 Wines great for BBQ

The BBQ Party package is a box of 6 natural wines that we personally like to drink during BBQ parties with friends. You’ll receive the following wines:
Dion from Schmelzer (Fresh & elegant pet Nat, a great way to get the party started);
Graupert from Meinklang (aromatic, fruity and smoky orange with peach and strawberry);
Dogma from Pittnauer (fruity & aromatic rosé with raspberry and watermelon);
Bubbles from Michael Gindl (light red Pet Nat, with red currant, yogurt and cherry);
Chibu from Casa de Mouraz (elegant, and complex red with cherry and grapefruit);
Sado Merlot from Jouves&Kaczmarek (bright and juicy red, nice with veggies and meats).
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