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Celebrate in Style - Set Package of 12 Natural Wines

The ‘Celebrate in Style‘ is a set package of 12 amazing Natural wines selected by us, great wines to make any celebration or party memorable. You’ll find everything you need whites, reds, orange and rosé plus Pet Nats and Champagne for stylish celebrations!
You’ll receive the following wines:
Pittnauer Pitt Nat Blanc _ fun Pet Nat with exotic and peachy notes;
Heinrich Oh When the Saints_ Fantastic elegant sparkling with raspberry & peach;
Champagne Augustin Feu_ Elegant and fresh Champagne with vanilla and citrus aroma;
Rennersistas waiting for Tom_ smooth and fruity white with pear and papaya;
Koppitsch Aeon_ light, citrusy and salty white with a long finish;
Schmitt Erdreich_ aromatic and floral orange with an exotic touch;
Schmelzer SuE Weissburgunder_ peachy, earthy and creamy orange with notes of vanilla and caramel;
Vinos Ambiz Rosado_ aromatic and rich yet refreshing rosé with lots of strawberries;
Mouraz Chibu_ elegant and complex red with cherry & grapefruit;
Costador Trepat_ herbal and mineral red with hay and raspberry;
Mathouans C’est a siroter…_ earthy and fruity red with earthy tannins and lots of spices;
Jouves Les Acacias_ Fruity and balanced red with blackberry and black cherry.
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