Dario Princic

Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Red WineRich & Powerful0,75l

Character: Complex - Elegant - Powerful - Rich

Aromas: Plum - Tobacco - Forest Leaves - Rosemary - Liquorice


Craziness Factors: Port Wine in taste

Italy - Friuli
  • Cabernet Sauvignon

fermented in open vats

Dario Princic Cabernet Sauvignon is a powerful red in fact it bares 16% of alcohol but it is also elegant in a way. It has so many interesting aromas that could remind you of a port wine like plum, tobacco and forest leaves, and a cool herbal finish, a combination of rosemary and liquorice. It is an amazing wine to pair with cheese!

Acidity Level

Tannins Level

Soil, Marl & Sandstone
Farming, Biodynamic
Certification, None
Sugar, Dry
ABV, 16%
Bottle Closure:, Cork
Sulfites:, Contains Sulfites

Dario Princic