Vinos Ambiz

Airene 2020

Orange WineRusticNo Sulfites Added0,75l

Character: Earthy, oxidative, stony

Aromas: Walnut - Pear - Quince


Craziness Factors: Cloudy - Skin Contact - Oxidative - A bit of volatile acidity

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Spain - Sierra de Gredos
  • Airén

Stainless steel tanks - No sulfites added

This beautiful orange from Vinos Ambiz is made from the Airén grape variety. It stems from 40 year-old vines, ensuring its richness and complexity in flavour. Stony, bit earthy with delicious aromas of walnut and quince. Be aware that there is some volatile acidity in there. We only recommend this wine for wine lovers that also like a bit of volatile acidity in the wine. We think it is well integrated in the wine, but it is definitely present.

Tipp: shake the bottle before serving so that the last glass will taste like the first!

Acidity Level

Tannins Level

Soil, Limestone
Farming, Organic
Sugar, Dry
ABV, 11%
Bottle Closure:, Natural Cork
Sulfites:, Contains Sulfites

Vinos Ambiz

There is nothing comparable!

Vinos Ambiz is a micro-winery run by Fabio Bartolomei. Born and raised in Scotland with Italian parents, he decided to move to Spain 20 years ago. After working out of sheds and garages, he found his path to happiness, making low-intervention wine.