Georg Schmelzer

Austrias Biodynamic Expert

Intuition –  is what best describes Georg Schmelzer’s winemaking methods. We can, without any doubt, call him the master of biodynamic winemaking in Austria.  With his fair priced natural wines, he aims to express different grape varieties in their original manifestations.

Schmelzer Keller

Demeter certified

Georg Schmelzer is the Austrian master of biodynamic winemaking. He exceeds the Demeter classification by not only excluding any pesticides and herbicides in the vineyard as well as in the cellar, but also maintains a healthy soil in balance with nature.
He has the experience of already four generations which he strongly builds on, while at the same time he relies on intuition and something more transcendent, a holistic approach in line with Rudolf Steiner’s biodynamic views. Georg is not afraid of breaking rules when it comes to respecting and preserving nature.
The surroundings of the Lake Neusiedl offer a home to many of our partner wineries, however, each of them utilize the terroir, the climate and the grape varieties differently.

Vineyard and Cellar

Georg aims to maximize the fertility of the soil by carefully listening to and working with two factors: earthy vs. cosmos, i.e. soil vs. sunlight. And when it comes to keeping the vines healthy it does not get much crazier or more experimental: crystals (yes, you’ve read it correctly) or mountain quartz, and different plant infusions are his method of choice. The wild flowers allowed to grow among the vines attract bees that help with fertilization.
If we’re talking about intuition, the vinification process of Schmelzer does not lack any of it either. He follows a holistic approach in the cellar too. The wines mature until he believes they are ready for bottling. Again, there are no rules, just his sixth sense!

Wines so lovely, we can’t get enough

He varies mostly four big grape varieties: the white Welschriesling and Weissburgunder, and, as a majority, Zweigelt and Cabernet Sauvignon from the reds. He works with amphora, ages red wine in barrels and experiments with malolactic fermentation. No fining, no filtration! All his wines are without any added sulfites!
The orange Weissburgunder and the Sämling orange were exclusively bottled for us Dealers and we had the privilege to choose the casks ourselves! The result is a mature, bourbon-like skin contact wine – available both online and in our bar!

Georg Schmelzer’s webpage