Matthias Hager

The whole family is in natural wine

Matthias Hager is one of the most experimental winemakers in the Kamptal region, Austria. He understood early how to work with different soil types from loess to clay. Therefore he established different product lines: the blue one representing fresh, lively wines including Grüner Veltliner and Sauvignon Blanc; and the brown line gravitating towards more earthy, flavorful produce. The red line stands for no sulfites!

Demeter wines from Kamptal

The Hager Matthias winery is located in the small village of Mollands in the Kamptal area of Lower Austria. Matthias took over the 12-hectare land and the family business at an early age.
Matthias had already had experience in viticulture from growing up. He aimed to produce the best quality wine possible as well as to focus on being in balance with nature. The lands are cultivated according to biodynamic principles and are certified Demeter. Matthias has a vast knowledge about plants and insects, and about keeping the flora and fauna in harmony with the vines.

Terroir and cellar

The Kamptal area is famous for a variety of soil types, from loess to loam, from clay to different kinds of primary rock. Matthias finds it important that this diversity is reflected in his wines. In the cellar, he works with spontaneous fermentation and making wine with little or no additives. This took him to the idea to create three different quality lines: a blue, a brown, and a red line.

3 wine lines

Blue line

is the color of the deep blue sky and clear spring water reflecting it, the symbol for cool refreshment, transparent energy, creativity, harmony, calmness.” The blue cap reveals refreshing and fruity wines. It includes the Grüner Veltliner, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and the Gemischter Satz. It’s suggested to drink them within about a couple of years after bottling. The result is a smooth, uncomplicated experience pleasing also the beginner natural wine lovers.

Brown line

is the color of the earth and the bark of many trees. It brings us down to the roots, relaxed, cozy and warm. Brown leaves are nutrition for new life and growth. Try smelling the earth, the bark, the leaves….” The brown line represents the next level natural wines to be enjoyed slowly to reveal their character. These wines are more powerful, best after some years spent in the bottle, paired with food or savored alone. The majority stem from old vines from vineyards like ´Seeberg´.

Red line

The new red line is the “PUR” one, without any addition of sulfites. You’ll find our favorite Riesling orange wine and the Sekt bubbly in the online shop.