Schrammel 2.0

New faces in the natural wine scene

Nicole & Daniel run a beautiful micro winery spanning only one hectare and they are anything but classical winemakers. Their main professions are in completely different fields, but apart from their three kids (whom they are trying to teach the really important things in life) they are united by their love for natural wine. Vienna is the backdrop to their careers – the Weinviertel (Austria’s Wine District) their lives center and counterpole to the busy city. A piece of this primal grounding and love for the land where their vines grow, can be found in all their wines.

Analog wines for a digital world

100% natural wine – no compromises. Nicole and Daniel’s philosophy goes far beyond just the wine. It’s about honoring craftsmanship mirrored in fair prices without a profit driven focus. Supporting regional commerce without small-minded competitiveness. Conserving resources by producing something of value. Treating both nature and fellow humans with respect.

Tradition meets a modern mindset

“We are so lucky to have the opportunity to work the vineyards planted by Nicole’s grandfather”. After the family decided some time ago to no longer engage in winemaking the vineyards were leased out. After the tenant farmer wished to clear the 50 year old vines and replace them, Daniel felt he needed to take action: “To us, these beautiful vines were raw diamonds and we needed to make them our responsibility again. Our project is therefore so to say a Start Up with family tradition”.

Biodiversity beats monoculture

The couple cultivates their vineyard organically and in order to avoid soil compaction they try do as much as possible manually, such as the harvesting of the grapes. Different plants and flowers keep the vines company for the soil to be able to absorb water also during heavy rainfalls. The plant diversity found in the vineyards is not seen as rivals to the vines but are considered an enrichment. By planting fruit trees between the vines Nicole and Daniel successfully counteracted monocultural cultivation. Their efforts have been fruitful – their beautiful vineyards are abuzz with life and colour.

No Bullshit

In the wine cellar the passionate winemakers complete what their vineyards bestow upon them. They refer to their work in the cellar as „companionship to the wine during its process of formation”. It goes without saying that no additives are used – no clarifiers, no cultivated yeasts, no sugar, no bentonite, no acids, no Sulphur. The outcome speaks for itself – beautiful, pure natural wines guaranteeing an enticing experience of flavors.

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