Milan Nestarec

Czech Natural Wine Shooting Star

Milan Nestarec is a forerunner among the young European natural winemakers. With his distinctive, funky natural juices he shows an excellent example of millennial wit and creativity. You thought the Czech Republic was only known for its pivo? Well, let’s prove you wrong!

nestarec vineyard 2

New wave natural wine

Milan Nestarec belongs to the rising young generation of Czech winemakers. He took over his father’s vineyard in Moravia, in the South of the Czech Republic, close to the Austrian border. The land was operated in the conventional way in the early days; the first vines were planted in 2001. However, after Milan visited Slovenia for about 10 years ago, he got so inspired by natural wine that there was no way back. He has been farming organically since 2009, not for any labels or certifications but for his own belief, he says. He studied viniculture and viticulture at university and is now taking care of the 17 hectares with the help of his father and his younger sister, Lenka.

“Made of grapes, nothing else.”

Milan is particularly drawn to the region where his family is from and where he grew up himself. He believes in magic that cultivates the land, the magic of the wind and the energy of the sun that, as a perfect symbioses, makes the wine what he produces. The vines are growing on minerality driven soils that is typical for the area and that contributes to an extraordinary result. It all would not work together, however, without a skilled conductor. “Winemaking is a result that requires deep moral commitment.” For Nestarec the vineyard is the body and the cellar is the heart.

Funky names – funky wines

Milan represents a new wave of young winemakers. He does not settle for anything old fashioned and does not follow rules and conventions. Any additives or sulphites are out of question, and he does not believe in fining or filtration either. Nestarec has already established a name in the raw wine world and his easily recognizable, unique bottles are literally everywhere when it comes to natural wine. Milan is particularly witty with his labels and couldn’t even deny he’s a millennial.. WTF, Pink Gummy Bear, Hakuna Matata – check the rest in our selection!

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