Paolo Bea

Master of Natural Wines from Umbria!

Paolo Bea is known as the Italian master of natural wines. On his vineyard in Montefalco in Umbria, Italy, the whole family works together based on strict ancient beliefs of respecting and trusting nature, adapting to its changes and maintaining balance. They achieve it all by avoiding the use of any chemicals both in the vineyards and in the cellar. Each bottle is unique, marked with an individual number – and as their stock is limited each year, make sure to stock up on the unparalleled vintages!


The masters

The Bea family has owned land in Montefalco, Umbria, Italy since the 1500s. Paolo Bea, the Italian master of natural winemaking is over 90 years old and still working tirelessly in the vineyards. Together with his two sons, Giuseppe and Giampiero and his wife, Marina, the family masters natural winemaking excluding the use of any chemicals or stabilizing techniques. Giampiero has the responsibility of taking care of the vineyard and the bottling with the support of a carefully selected staff.

Trust the nature

The old vines grow on the unique soil of Montefalco, soaking up minerality which is the characteristic of this area. The family’s presence is consistent and vibrant in the vineyard, the grapes are harvested by hand.

Their philosophy relies on constant listening to the change of seasons and the weather in order to better understand the land and the cycles of nature. They find it important to maintain the equilibrium between the flora and fauna of the original territory by limiting treatment in the vineyard. They swear by the simple practice of trusting nature that transforms grapes into wine. “Avoid human actions as they must not dominate nature.”

A rare production

They avoid using chemicals in the cellar just like in their vineyards. Each year, the amount of wine they produce varies according to natural conditions. The demand, however, often outstrips their stock. Therefore, we’re really proud to be able to offer a unique selection from Paolo: amber colored orange wines, a wide range of high-quality, mature natural red wines made typically from Sangiovese and Sagrantino, as well as a collectors’ piece dessert wine.

Paolo Bea is the founder and still holding the president position of the Italian Consorzio ViniVeri.

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