Poderi Cellario

Genuine wines!

Poderi Cellario has been producing natural wines for three generations in the Langhe, Piedmont. The family owns 30 hectares of land that, not only includes vineyards, but also hazelnut fields and woods. Fausto and Cinzia’s wines are mostly fresh and light, the Pet-Nats are fun and delicious plus they often come in 1 litre bottles, which is cool! They are all made naturally, with no added sulphites, unfiltered and unfined.

The land, the river, the soil

The Langhe, Piedmont, is globally known for the wonderful production of Nebbiolo, Barbera, Barbaresco, Barolo etc. A long tradition that also Cellario’s family has imprinted in their hearts and souls for generations. The family owns 30 hectares of land, 13 of which are vines, the rest is woods and hazelnut trees. The vineyards are located on the hills, 400m above see level, stretching east and west along the Tanaro river. They benefit from the breeze coming from the river, and as the cool temperatures at night give relief to the vines after the hot days, the grapes gain intense fruity aromas.
Each vineyard grow on a different soil gifting a unique feature to every wine. In order to perceive those differences Fausto and Cinzia let the wine mature in exhausted barrels so that the flavour of the wood doesn’t alter the wine’s natural aromas.

Each side of the river has a different terroir, on the right side most of the grapes grow on a white calcareous tufaceous marl soil, and on the left side the earth is reddish with the presence of clay and sand, the perfect ground to grow white grape varieties.

A philosophy of sustainability

The family committed to a sustainable lifestyle by farming biodynamically, without the use of pesticides or fertilisers, by following the lunar phases to bottle the wines, by even producing their own photovoltaic energy. Legumes e grasses are grown between vines to promote biodiversity.

The grapes ferment with indigenous yeast, there is no filtration, no unnecessary intervention and since Cinzia developed an allergy to sulphites, most of their wines either have a very minimum amount or no added sulphur, very difficult to achieve in bigger size wineries apparently.

The wines do not follow the market trends, Cellario’s family’s goal is to let the wine express naturally without them interfering.

“The winemaker is simply a spectator who watches a miracle of the nature happen, every year it’s different, every year it’s unique.”


Cinzia and Fausto Cellario, the 3rd generation to produce amazing natural wines, are passionate about their roots, the traditions and their wines.

Even though they like to be called “Dolcetto Specialists”, the couple is great in making every of their indigenous grape varieties reveal its true self in the bottles. The È line comes in one litre bottles, the wines are light, summery, perfect for sharing, great for any occasions. Their Pet Nats (some also come in 1 litre bottles) have great fizziness, fruitiness and they are low in alcohol. If you’re wondering who’s the gentleman on the label, he is Cinzia’s father, known as “Baffone” – moustache guy. He started the production of sparkling wines in the old natural way and passed the knowledge to the rest of the family, the Pet Nats are therefore dedicated to him.
The “serious” wines like Galli (rich and powerful Nebbiolo), il Vino che Non c’è Rosso and Bianco (great wines made in amphoras) come at a very fair price despite the high quality and wonderful taste, these are wines that can also age for a couple of years in your cellar.

Poderi Cellario proves us that great wines from Piedmont don’t always need to be expensive!

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