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Smashing wines

“A new hedonism that is what our century wants.” Oscar Wilde’s famous words became Florian Schuhmann-Irschik’s core for his revolutionary winemaking style. He swears by making 100%  fermented grape juice –  untouched & unfiltered. He makes a statement with each bottle; his labels are super artsy so don’t be surprised if Banksy’s popping up on some of them.

Lateral entrants

“Let one Quantum craziness into your lives!”, sounds the motto of the tiny Austrian vineyard from the Weinviertel. Florian Schuman-Irschik, its master, had a classic education in acting before he gave it all up and turned to what gave him real pleasure: winemaking. He brought some culinary experience from his family which guided him towards the world of viniculture that he’s been doing since 2014.

Why Quantum Winery

The winery was named based on a decision that Florian never wanted a bigger vineyard that he has now in order to preserve his humanity: only exactly One Quantum! On these only two hectares with between 35 and 60-year-old vines, he does pure experimenting resulting in a remarkable selection of natural juices.
You won’t know much about Florian, this quiet, reserved guy from a micro vineyard – but you will recognize him, from his wild labels. Banksy graffiti, crazy sketches, Nirvana quotes, everything that a good 80´s kid has up his sleeve. Grunge, punk, and garage rock, you name it.

Nothing added

No surprise, he does everything by hand, at the organic certified land he avoids any pesticides or herbicides. Florian follows a minimalistic approach in the cellar too: spontaneous fermentation, no additives, no fining nor filtering.
His wines are no less experimental. His line called Schrödinger’s Cat was established for exactly this purpose. These are crazy wines, depending on the vintage.

is it a bird is it a plane?

Sometimes orange, sometimes red, with a dash of honey, sometimes fizzy, changing up the labels. You never know what you get.
Florian also makes some light natural red wines, like the Rot&Rosa or the Herr Baumann series. The former is an interesting blend of rosé and red field blends, juicy, fruity delights. The latter is a joint project with another winemaker, Christoph Bauer.
Flo is proud of his clean fermented grape juices, let it be a light orange with a slight cucumber taste (Ein Quantum Weiss) or an explosive red pet nat (Ein Quantum Enigma). We’re just as proud to have his crazy selection and one of our bestsellers in our online shop. Browse freely, and watch out for the ever-evolving stock!

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