Craziness level in natural wine

Feb 15, 2024Rafael Peil
Craziness level in natural wines


You probably have come across the word “craziness” while browsing around our online shop. We hereby aim to reveal the mystery!
By now it should be quite clear to many that natural wine doesn’t necessarily taste or appear the same way as conventional wine. (Head over to our article about natural wine.) For all those complete beginners, worry not, we’ve got you covered, too!
Rafael likes to explain it that the whole phenomenon is like cheese. When you get interested in cheese you probably start with a mild one like Gouda. Once you’re more advanced, you start experimenting with strong ones like Gorgonzola.
We’ve followed a similar logic and come up with a rating system what we call “craziness level” to describe how experienced or open you should be to taste/buy a certain wine

We’ve created four different levels:

Easy peasy craziness 1 logo

We recommend this category for beginners or for those who might never have tried natural wine before. These wines are not too far away from what you’d expect from conventional wine. You might, however, experience slightly new flavors. Or find it a tiny bit cloudy.
We also need to make it clear though that ANYONE, including hardcore natural wine lovers, who are simply in the mood for something easy, weeknight refreshment, aperitif, you name it, is more than welcome to go for “easy peasy”!

Seducer  craziness 2 logo

Do you experience something more different than your usual glass of wine? Some cloudiness or something off in color? An odd smell or some tannins where they “normally” should not be? That’s our “seducer category”! Not too funky but definitely a level up from “easy peasy”.

Kinky  Craziness 3 logo

Here we are, dear advanced natural wine drinker. Welcome to a whole lot more different flavors, colors, and odors. The “kinky” category offers some very complex wines, far away from conventional production.

Bonkers  craziness 4 logo

Be prepared for an explosion of all your senses. “Bonkers” wines will blow your mind. Super funk. A completely new experience in wine. Is this wine at all? Or is this some naturally fermented grape juice the Gods have sent from above to challenge your senses? For the inexperienced, it can be a no-go, but a gem for those with an open mind.

Expectation is a bitch!

All in all, no matter which category you go for just remember: enjoyment is always a question of what you expect. We’ve established the craziness scale to help to choose the right wine and to match your expectations.
Remember, if you see a certain name, grape variety or region, don’t expect any flavors. Natural wine can be very different even the opposite of conventional wine. For example, a conventional Sauvignon Blanc is often very aromatic, fruity and grassy. A natural Sauvignon Blanc can be very elegant, minerality driven and stony. Different characteristics.

If you still struggle or have more specific questions, we’re always there to help you and guide you to find the perfect bottle for an occasion. Just send us an e-mail, message on WhatsApp or DM on Instagram.
Go crazy and drink natural wine! Cheers!

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