More than Bio-dynamic!

Meinklang is a family run self-sustainable farm, like in the olden days used to be. Located in the very east of Austria, right on the border with Hungary, the farm consists in a codependence between people and animals working together for the prosperity of the land. Ancient grains, fruit trees, vegetables, herbs and flower share the land with the local indigenous grape varieties, contributing to a rich and fertile soil. Their biodynamic natural wines are both traditional and experimental, some fruity and aromatic others light and refreshing, ready to please any palate out there.

Big family with a great philosophy

Meinklang is one of the biggest biodynamic farm in Austria and despite the size it is still a family owned business. It was amplified as soon as the family realised that all of their 3 sons were interested in living and working in the family farm. They expanded their fields reaching 2000 hectares in order to have enough space and work for all.
Luckily each of the sons grew interest in different fields so now Hannes takes care of the fields, Lukas is in charge of the well being of the animals and Werner is the wine maker.

A special human-animal bond

Humans and animals live in symbiosis, everyone has a role in Meinklang’s farm.
Mangalitsa pigs, cattle, horses, sheep and chickens find a place in the dynamic farm contributing to the biodiversity of the land.
A truly sustainable way of farming, the grains are grown to produce fresh bread and beer as well as to feed pigs and chickens. The horses are employed for the work in the vineyards, cow’s manoure is the perfect fertilise and is widely used in the biodynamic practises. Small mammals, birds and insects also find refuge in this amazing natural environment.

Vineyards and much more

Meinklang’s vineyards grow right on the border with the Hungarian lowlands, in the middle of the world cultural heritage of the national park on the eastern Neusiedlersee. When it comes to vines Meinklang is again one step ahead, the vineyards share the space with vegetables, herbs and flowers, fruit trees and wild weeds. All working together to contribute to a healthy living soil. Choosing to farm biodynamically is dedication, love and respect for the nature, being able to listen and to understand the plants and their environment is the key to a successful farming. Meinklang’s team has definitely all of that.


Meinklang has a wide selection of wines, they are all made from indigenous grape varieties and all are made with little addition of  sulphites, sometimes no sulphites added at all.
Try from our selection their fun wines – Weisser and Roter Mulatschak – fruity and full of interesting flavours ,or the special edition wines – Morgen, Tag, Abend and Nacht- fermented in concrete eggs, complex and mineral in style. Their Pet Nats, crazy bubbly delights, perfect all year round. From the vulcanic soil of Somló in Hungary comes the Vulkán an amazing aromatic, exotic yet fresh and mineral white wine made from local grape varieties: Hárslevelü and Juhfark. Finally their famous orange Pinot Gris, the Graupert (word in Austrian dialect which translate to scruffy looking person). The vines grow wild and unpruned resulting in smaller berries with a higher skin-to-pulp ratio. The wine gains complexity, lots of aromas and a nice level of tannins.

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