Alex & Maria Koppitsch

Aeon White

White WineElegant & Mineral0,75l

Character: Light - Citrusy - Salty - Long Finish

Aromas: Yellow Grapefruit


Craziness Factors: Cloudy Look - Atypical White Wine

Austria - Burgenland - Neusiedlersee
  • Grüner Veltliner
  • Pinot Blanc


The Aeon 2018 from Koppitsch is a special edition. A white wine full of energy, light and citrusy but also a bit creamy and salty. You get a tasty yellow grapefruit aroma plus a hint of caramel and a lovely long finish. The 2019 is also citrusy and salty but it has different aromas: peach, lime, a hint of coconut and Tonka bean. A bit of Rum-like notes. Big energy as always!!

Acidity Level

Tannins Level

Soil, Sand
Farming, Biodynamic
Certification, No
Sugar, Dry
ABV, 12%
Bottle Closure:, Bee Wax Coated Cork
Sulfites:, Contains Sulfites

Maria & Alex Koppitsch

Natural wines made with Love!

“We craft natural wines with joy, complexity, honesty and soul.” Alex and Maria Koppitsch swear by low intervention winemaking and natural, handcrafted wines.The vineyard is located on the shores of Lake Neusiedl, where grapevines flourish on the sandy soil of the remains of the ancient Danube river. Alexander focuses on expressing his homeland’s unique terroir in his winemaking. As a result his wines are beautiful and complex as much as they are playful.