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Chillin - Set Package of 6 wines to simply drink and relax

Chillin is a set package of 6 wines that we personally selected for you. These great easy drinking wines don’t need to be analysed, they are perfect on those days when you just wanna chill and relax!
You will get the following wines:
Ancestral Xarel.lo Vermell from Costador (Elegant fine perlage, strawberry, cherry and rosemary) 
Aline au Pays des Merveilles from Domaine des Mathouans (fruity and fun French white wine);
Parcellaire Blanc and Sauvignon from Zillinger (light, balanced and aromatic  elderflower & lemon)
Amanda from Alfredo Maestro (fruity, balanced rosé);
Pittnauski from Pittnauer (balanced red with notes of blackberry);
Tu Vin Plus Aux Soirees from Fabien Jouves ( fruity & balanced, raspberry & blackberry, cherry)
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