Poderi Cellario

La Comune

Red WineEarthy & Rustic0,75l

Character: Fruity - Earthy - Rustic

Aromas: Raspberry - Strawberry - Cherry


Craziness Factors: None

Italy - Piedmont
  • Nebbiolo

1 month of maceration using an ancient system: "Macerazione a cappello sommerso", where the mash remain submerged in the juice for the entire process of the fermentation.

Matured in big barrels.

La Comune is another great Nebbiolo in Cellario's selection. The wine is earthy and rustic, fruity too. It has aromas of raspberry, strawberry and cherry. It might seem light by looking at the bright colour however, it has a nice body, complex character and some powerful tannins.

Acidity Level

Tannins Level

Soil:, Sand
Farming:, Organic
Vine's Age: 40yo
Sugar:, Dry
ABV:, 14%
Bottle Closure:, Cork
Sulfites:, Contains Sulfites

Poderi Cellario

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Poderi Cellario has been producing natural wines for three generations in the Langhe, Piedmont. The family owns 30 hectares of land that, not only includes vineyards, but also hazelnut fields and woods. Fausto and Cinzia’s wines are mostly fresh and light, the Pet-Nats are fun and delicious plus they often come in 1 litre bottles, which is cool! They are all made naturally, with no added sulphitesunfiltered and unfined.