Georg Schmelzer

Schmelzer's Treasure - Limited Edition

Orange WineLight0,75l

Character: Light - Balanced - Creamy

Aromas: Apricot - Peach - Grapefruit


Craziness Factors: Very Hazy - Orange Colour

Austria - Burgenland - Neusiedlersee
  • PiWi

WINE_ We, the Treasure Hunters, discovered this great orange wine the last time we visited Georg's winery. Georg recently became interested in PiWi varieties. Due to the climate change, natural wine production is at risk every year and experimenting with hybrids, which are more resistant to illnesses, has raised interest in some natural wine producers. This orange wine is a result of an experimental PIWI grape variety.

TASTE_ It is surprisingly light (only 10.5% of alcohol), it has some aromas of apricot, peach and grapefruit . There is a lovely creaminess and a nice zesty aftertaste!

LABEL_ There is a little cottage next to the winery where Georg stores all his biodynamic secrets: natural mixtures, dry herbs of all kind, crystals and a map of all his vineyards. It is a magical, mystical place. As treasure hunters, we knew we would discover something great at this winery! Label designed by Matthias Bergsmann, a talented artist from Salzburg.

Acidity Level

Tannins Level

Farming:, Organic
Certification:, Bio
Sugar:, Dry
ABV:, 10,5%
Bottle Closure:, Screw Cap
Sulfites:, Contains Sulfites 

Georg Schmelzer

Austrias Biodynamic Expert

Intuition –  is what best describes Georg Schmelzer’s winemaking methods. We can, without any doubt, call him the master of biodynamic winemaking in Austria.  With his fair priced natural wines, he aims to express different grape varieties in their original manifestations.