Gernot & Heike Heinrich

Evolution to freedom!

Experience the unparalleled magic of Gernot and Heike Heinrich’s wines. Crafted with utmost dedication to natural winemaking, their bottles offer a pure expression of the vineyard’s character. From biodynamic farming to minimal intervention, each sip reflects the harmony between nature and craftsmanship, delivering an authentic and unforgettable wine experience.

Discover the Essence of Natural Wine: Gernot and Heike Heinrich

 Nestled in the heart of a picturesque vineyard in Austria, this dynamic duo has dedicated their lives to crafting exceptional wines that embody the true essence of nature. With their unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and artisanal winemaking, the Heinrichs have become renowned for producing some of the finest natural wines in the industry.

The Birth of a Passion:

The story of Gernot and Heike Heinrich began several decades ago when the couple first set foot in their family’s vineyard. Guided by a deep appreciation for the land and a profound understanding of the grapevine’s delicate nature, they embarked on a journey to create wines that were a genuine reflection of the terroir. Inspired by the principles of biodynamic farming and organic viticulture, the Heinrichs believed in letting nature take the lead and allowing the vines to thrive harmoniously with the environment.

Organic Farming and Sustainable Practices:

At the core of Gernot and Heike Heinrich’s winemaking philosophy is their unwavering commitment to organic farming. By eschewing the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, the Heinrichs prioritize the health of the soil and its biodiversity. This approach not only produces healthier vines but also preserves the delicate balance of the ecosystem, ensuring the sustainability of their vineyard for future generations.

Biodynamic Excellence:

Taking their commitment to the next level, Gernot and Heike adopted biodynamic practices. Following the lunar calendar, they meticulously plan their vineyard tasks, considering the moon’s influence on the vines. This holistic approach enhances the natural vitality of the vines, resulting in grapes that are expressive, flavorful, and truly unique.

Minimal Intervention Winemaking:

In the cellar, Gernot and Heike Heinrich are minimalists, adopting a hands-off approach to winemaking. They believe in allowing the grapes to speak for themselves, intervening only when necessary. Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeast is a hallmark of their winemaking process, enabling the full expression of the vineyard’s character in every bottle.

Embracing Naturalness:

The essence of natural wine lies in its pure, unadulterated form. Gernot and Heike Heinrich have mastered the art of embracing this naturalness. Their wines are free from unnecessary additives, allowing them to develop authentically without manipulations. Each sip reveals the honesty of the fruit and the genuine craftsmanship of the winemakers.

A Captivating Portfolio:

Gernot and Heike Heinrich offer a captivating portfolio of wines, each with its own distinct personality. From elegant and minerality driven white wines to complex and juicy reds, their range showcases the diversity of Austria’s Burgenland region. Their wines leave a lasting impression on the palate.

Their cellar is very impressive. To see all these amphoras, fills one with excitement. The visit to the winery was truly exceptional.

Heinrich vineyard