Natural wines made with Love!

“We craft natural wine with joy, complexity, honesty and soul.” Alex and Maria Koppitsch swear by low intervention winemaking and natural, handcrafted wines. Right by the Lake Neusiedl, Alexander puts his focus on the terroir, the sandy soil on the remains of the ancient Danube river. As a result his wines are complex as much as they are playful.

Amazing natural wines

“We craft natural wine with joy, complexity, honesty and soul.” Alex and Maria Koppitsch had one clear vision when they took over the vineyard from their family: low intervention winemaking. Alexander is extremely passionate about natural, handcrafted wines, his family’s tradition in the past 500 years!

Koppitsch family

He takes care of the 15 acre-land by himself, ensuring honest, soulful products. Maria’s responsible for communication and keeping the kids and the family together.

The Koppitsch wines are quite complex thanks to Alex’s winemaking style that puts the terroir of the Lake Neusiedl on the Austro-Hungarian border in forefront, following a holistic, biodynamic approach. Bottling the aromas of the Burgenland soil results in a vibrant sandy, stony experience. They reject artificial additives and don’t believe in temperature control, fining or filtration, and fermentation always starts naturally! What you get is a beautiful, balanced, playful natural juice.

Wine styles

We have 4 different categories of Koppitsch wines. The FUN wines (Homok, Juh, Rosza, Rét – all with a tiny drawing on the screw top) will simply make you happy. The PERSPECTIVE ones come with the distinctive bird labels and put focus on the limestone soil. These birds, the swallows supposed to bring luck in Austrian culture – just try and see! The TOUCH is their amazing orange wine, experimenting with soil and its impact on taste. To finish with, PRETTY [n^ts] is a pink bubbly delight depicting all 4 seasons on the labels.


The whole selection has been cultivated by a special microclimate and structure of soil of Lake Neusiedl. On the remainings of the ancient Danube river, sand, clay, loam and gravel makes bed for the flora and fauna. The extreme closeness of the lake offers a great biodiversity, the vineyards are regularly visited by the “residents” of the reeds.

All in all, we love Koppitsch wines because of their playfulness, for the fact that they’re easy to understand while delivering the highest quality and unparalleled flavours!

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