Natural wines made with Love!

“We craft natural wine with joy, complexity, honesty and soul.” Alex and Maria Koppitsch swear by low intervention winemaking and natural, handcrafted wines. The vineyard is located on the shores of Lake Neusiedl, where grapevines florish on the sandy soil of the remains of the ancient Danube river. Alexander focuses on expressing his homeland’s unique terroir in his winemaking. As a result his wines are beautiful and complex as much as they are playful.

500 years of winemaking passion

“We craft natural wine with joy, complexity, honesty and soul.” Alex and Maria Koppitsch had one clear vision when they took over the vineyard from their family: low intervention winemaking. The couple are extremely passionate about natural, handcrafted wines and have wholeheartedly thrown themselves into the exiting endeavor. This comes as no surprise, the Koppitsch family looks back on incredible 500 years of winemaking tradition!

Natural winemaking the Koppitsch way

Alexander takes care of the 15 acre-land by himself, ensuring honest, soulful products. Maria who handles all communication, ensures the wines don’t remain in the cellar, but get to be enjoyed by a wide clientele all over the globe.

The Koppitsch’s passion for honest products and their deep rooting love for their homeland and the beautiful nature by lake Neusiedl motivated them to follow a holistic, biodynamic approach in the vineyard. The terroir of the Lake Neusiedl on the Austro-Hungarian border, is allowed to fully express itself in the wines. Koppitsch wines are quite complex thanks to Alex’s winemaking style. He succeeds in bottling the true aromas of the Burgenland soil by foregoing any additives. This results in a vibrant, sandy and stony wine experience. Apart from rejecting artificial additives Alexander and Maria also don’t believe in temperature control, fining or filtration, and fermentation always starts naturally! What you get is a beautiful, honest, balanced, playful natural wine of the highest quality.

Wine styles

We have 4 different categories of Koppitsch wines. The FUN wines: Homok, Juh, Rosza, Rét – recognizable by the tiny drawing on the screw top are said to make the wine drinker happy. We tried it and believe it or not, it’s true :-).

The PERSPECTIVE wines come with the distinctive bird labels and focus on the special flavors which the limestone soil bestows upon the grapes. The depicted birds on the labels are swallows – a symbol of luck in Austrian culture. Try the wines and you will be lucky indeed (for having experienced this excellent wine :-)).

The TOUCH is the Koppitsch’s amazing orange wine which experiments with different soils and how they “touch” upon the wine’s aroma.

Last but not least among the Koppitsch’s naturally fermented juices, the PRETTY [nʌts] wine.  A pink bubbly pét-nat delight. The labels depict all 4 seasons of the year, a reminder that this pét-nat should be enjoyed all year round and not only in summer.


The Koppitsch’s grapewines visibly enjoy the particularly  special microclimate and soil structure of Lake Neusiedl. On the remains of the ancient Danube river made up of sand, clay, loam and gravel, plant and animal life flourish.  The proximity to the lake adds another level of astounding biodiversity. The vineyards are abuzz with life and are regularly visited by the “residents” of the reeds.

It’s all of these unique factors combined: soil, nature, the lake and the true-to-himself winemaker, which makes us love Koppitsch wines so much. They are  playful and profound, yet easy to understand and they never fall short of delivering the highest quality and unparalleled flavors!

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