Dario Princic

Pinot Grigio 2015

Orange WineEarthy0,75l

Character: Complex, earthy, funky

Aromas: Balsamic - Orange Peel - Tamarind - Dried Apricot


Craziness Factors: Skin Contact - Big Tannins - A bit of volatile acidity

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Italy - Friuli
  • Pinot Gris

Big used oak barrels

The deep colored Pinot Grigio from Dario Princic is a funky orange wine. Expect some super interesting layers presented at the same time: wildstrawberry, plums, nuts, bread mixed with some musky, smoky tones. There’s definitely a bite to it!

Acidity Level

Tannins Level

Soil, Marl & Sandstone
Farming, Biodynamic
Certification, None
Sugar, Dry
ABV, 13,5%
Bottle Closure:, Cork
Sulfites:, Contains Sulfites

Dario Princic