Payment and delivery condition

Austria & Germany

 Countryorders under 99€free shippingEstimated delivery time
Austria FlagAustria6,90€ - Dpd
6,90€ - Post
6,90€ - Gls
orders over 99€1-3 working days
Germany flagGermany6,90€ - Dpd
6,90€ - Dhl
6,90€ - Gls
orders over 99€2-4 working days

Shipping in the EU

 CountryUp to 18 bottles19 bottles or moreEstimated delivery time
Netherlands flagNetherlands8,90€ - Gls
9,90€ - Dpd
9,90€ - PostNL
17,80€ - Gls
19,80€ - Dpd
19,80€ - PostNL
2-4 working days
BelgiumBelgium8,90€ - Gls
9,90 - Dpd
9,90 - BPost
17,80€ - Gls
19,80€ - Dpd
19,80€ - BPost
2-4 working days
Italy flagItaly9,90€ - Gls
9,90€ - Poste-Sda
19,80€ - Gls
19,80€ - Poste-Sda
3-5 working days
DenmarkDenmark9,90€ - Gls
16,90€ - Post/Dhl
19,90€ - Dpd/Postnord
19,80€ - Gls
33,80€ - Post/Dhl
39,80€ - Dpd/Postnord
3-5 working days
France flagFrance9,90€ - Gls
12,90€ - Dpd
16,90 - Post
19,80€ - Gls
25,80€ - Dpd
33,80e - Post
3-5 working days
FinlandFinland16,90€ -Posti33,80€ - Posti4-9 working days
Sweden FlagSweden16,90€ - Gls
24,90€ - Dpd/Postnord
33,80€ - Gls
49,80€ - Dpd/Postnord
4-7 working days
CzechiaCzechia8,90€ - Gls
9,90€ - Dpd
9,90€ - Post
17,80€ - Gls
19,80€ - Dpd
19,80€ - Post
2-4 working days
CroatiaCroatia9,90€ - Post19,80€ - Post2-4 working days
Hungary flagHungary9,90€ - Post19,80€ - Post2-4 working days
slovakia flagSlovakia9,90€ - Post19,80€ - Post2-4 working days
Slovenia flagSlovenia9,90€ - Post19,80€ - Post2-4 working days
Luxembourg flagLuxembourg9,90€ - Post19,80€ - Post3-5 working days
Poland FlagPoland9,90€ - Gls
16,90€ - Post
19,90€ - Dpd
19,80€ - Gls
33,80€ - Post
39,80€ - Dpd
3-5 working days
Estonia flagEstonia19,90€39,80€4-9 working days
latvia flagLatvia19,90€39,80€4-9 working days
Spain flagSpain19,90€39,80€4-9 working days
Portugal flagPortugal19,90€39,80€4-9 working days
greece flagGreece19,90€39,80€4-9 working days
Cyprus FlagCyprus19,90€39,80€6-10 working days
Romania flagRomania12,90€ - Gls
19,90€- Post
25,80€ - Gls
39,80€ - Post
4-9 working days
IrelandIreland39,90€79,80€5-10 working days is not responsible for extra alcohol taxes/duties, that might occur, that falls in the responsibility of the customer. Please check with your local customs whether to declare and pay extra taxes. naturalwinedealers are not held responsible if such taxes/duties are due.

Export outside the EU

Please check the info below regarding what you will be charged when the wines arrive in your country and before you can receive the package

 CountryUp to 12 bottles12-18 bottles19-36 bottles37-54 bottles55-72 bottlesEstimated delivery timeAdditional Information
united kingdom flagUnited Kingdom24,90€24,90€49,80€49,80€49,80€5-10 working daysPlease check below
Switzerland flagSwitzerland49,90€99,80€99,80€99,80€99,80€3-5 working daysPlease check below
norway flagNorway99€149€298€447€596€5-10 working daysPlease check below
USA FlagUSA170€170€340€510€680€6-15 working daysPlease check below

*Due to the ongoing Covid situation, some small delays can occur.

united kingdom flag Delivery information for the United Kingdom after Brexit united kingdom flag

Orders with a delivery address in the United Kingdom will be sent with Austrian Post. They then had it over to Parcel Force/Royal Mail. Before you can receive the package, you will get contacted via email or a message on your phone by parcel force to pay the UK VAT, excise duty and £12 per package as an administrative cost fee from parcel force.


Buy wines from our store at net prices!

If you place an order with a UK delivery address, then the Austrian VAT will be automatically deducted, so you buy at net prices. If you register on our site and logged in, the wines are already displayed with the net prices.


How to pay the UK VAT and excise duty?

Parcel force will contact you and you will get a 17-digit nr. where you can than pay online or in one of their offices. As soon as the payment is done, the package will be delivered to you.

Which costs from parcel force can I expect after I placed an order with natural wine dealers?

UK VAT: it is the standard rate of 20%. If you placed an order over 100€ then you have to pay around £ 17,30(depending on the Eur-Pound rate)

Excise duty: this is around £ 2,30/ bottle.

Parcel Force handling fee: This is £12/package. In one package we fit 18 bottles.

All this will be calculated by parcel force.


Easy peasy, innit? but if you have any further questions regarding UK delivery just write us…

whatsapp         email

Delivery Information for Switzerland, Norway and USA

When you place an order and enter Switzerland, Norway or USA as delivery, automatically the taxes will be deducted from your order. So you buy at net prices. After the package arrives in your country, customs will calculate the taxes and duties to be paid by you in order for you to receive the package.

Our Delivery companies



Our delivery companies deliver the wines CO2 neutral. The packaging for our wines is made out of cartons. The outside packaging as well as the inside. We avoid the use of plastic.

dpd klimaneutral
post klimaneutral

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