Tenute Dettori

Tenute Dettori has been making natural wine for centuries. Working exclusively with indigenous Sardinian grape varieties, they’re very particular about their local Cannonau and Vermentino. Having many generations’ experience up their sleeves, they understand the importance of a fertile soil and healthy grapes.

“Simple, traditional, Sardinian” is the motto of Tenute Dettori, a renowned natural vineyard on the Italian island. The hilly town of Sennori accommodates the Dettori land which has been cultivated for centuries.

The vineyard has been naturally bio-dynamic basically since time unknown. Fig and olive trees, domestic and wild animals take care of a fertile soil. Even foxes and wild boars are regular visitors!

They believe in an “intimate bond between the people and the environment” and don’t live according to calendars. When the grapes are ready, they’re gonna be harvested. It’s that simple!

The Tenute Dettori cellar was also exclusively built for winemaking and not for guided tours. Entirely underground, the temperature control is natural as well, the 2-3 meter thick walls take care of keeping the balance.

They do not use any chemicals or additives apart from a small amount of sulphur. There is no filtration or fining carried, either.

The Dettori wines are made from purely indigenous grape varieties, all local in Sardinia!

“They [the wines] are what they have to be and not what you want them to be.”

All of the labels are monovarietal wines: Cannonau, Monica, Pascal, Vermentino, and Moscato. Each individual vineyard is dedicated to one grape variety and one wine. They’re very particular about their Cannonau! This grape is the big star of the Dettori vineyards. For a long time it was believed that it is related to the French Grenache but after a through research it was established that it couldn’t be more Sardinian! Just like the Vermentino and the Moscato.

The Tenute Dettori wines do not belong to the DOC system, they decided to go with the more authentic Romangia IGT.

It all couldn’t get any more eco-friendly, as they use the lightest bottles possible, recycled materials for packaging and reduce merchandising to the minimum. “They are not wines that are slaves to business logic and marketing strategies.” It’s pure “squeezed fermented grape juice” – just go on and try!