Fabien Jouves

Fabien Jouves & Christophe Kaczmarek – Sado Merlot NV

Red WineFruityNo Sulfites Added0,75l

Charakter: Bright - Juicy - Stony - Fruity

Aromen: Strawberry - Cooked Cherry - White Pepper


Craziness - Faktoren: Light Fizz

France - South West France - Cahors
  • Merlot
  • Malbec


The Sado Merlot from Jouves and Kaczmarek is a blend of Merlot (85%) and Malbec. The result is a bright, juicy red wine. A slight fizz at the beginning follows a taste of strawberry and a cooked cherry aftertaste. White pepper and a nice stony finish. Compairing to the other red of the producers this is definitely the fruitier one and the naughtier too.



Fabien Jouves

Wine-making at its finest

Fabien Jouves founded his winery ‘Mas del Périé’ in 2006 and he has been farming biodynamically since 2011. The vineyards stretch from the high slopes of Cahors to the hills of Quercy bringing out different characteristics to his wines. The star of the winery is the grape variety Malbec, the selection of Jouve’s Malbecs is in-fact very wide! Every Malbec is different depending on the soil or the altitude or the vinification. Try them all from his elegant line‘Vins de Terroir’, presented with the chic white labels . If you feel like something funny and super drinkable try the other line of wines: ‘Vins de Soif’, you’ll recognise them by the joyful labels.