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Lively Bubbles - Set Package of 6 sparkling delights

The ‘Lively Bubbles’ package is a box of 6 natural sparkling wines that we personally selected for you to pop whenever you feel like something fizzy! You’ll receive the following wines:
Molr from Decideret (refreshing apple cider pet Nat from Denmark);
Senza from Nestarec (the Czech version of high quality Lambrusco);
In a Hell Mood from Renner & Sistas (light, fresh and citrusy Pet Nat);
Rosado Pet Nat from Vinos Ambiz (fruity and aromatic rosé, slightly sweet);
Sekt Pur from Hager Matthias (refreshing & elegant, made with Champagne method);
Pinot Brut Nature from Schmitt (mineral and complex).
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