Champagne Augustin

Terre 2020

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Charakter: Bready - Creamy - Complex

Aromen: Brioche - Light Hazelnut


Craziness - Faktoren: None

France - Champagne - Vallée de la Marne
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100 % Pinot Noir – Brut (keine Dosage beim Degorgieren)

Terre means soil in French and it represents stability and the structure. The Pinot Noir vines are young but they carry already great character and complexity. The Champagne is creamy and bready with a fantastic brioche aroma and a light hazelnut note. Fine elegant perlage.



Landwirtschaft, Biodynamisch
Zertifizierung, Biologisch, Biodynamisch
Zucker, trocken
ABV, 12 %
Flaschenverschluss: Champagnerkorken
Sulfite:, Enthält Sulfite

Champagne Augustin

A magical world!

Marc and Emmanuelle share a deep goal in life: practise natural viticulture in order to live in symbiosis with nature. What was a goal once, soon became their lifestyle. They follow the lunar calendar, use biodynamic preparations in combination with homeopathic treatments and use minimal amount of sulphites, and this is to mention a few. The Champagnes have something magical, a certain refinement and elegance that can totally elevate your evenings to the top!